How to use


– composition: 100% Polyamide (PA) fabric

– consists of 2 layers, with 2 folds, white colour

– unisex model

– universal size

-packing is done in polypropylene foil bags

Way of usage:

  1. Place the face mask on your face. Position the 2 elastic straps on the ears so that the mask fits correctly on the underside of the face and adjust the metal lamella with your hand over your nose.

  2. For a secure fit, adjust the surface of the mask to the contour of the face and nose, or make sure that the mask protects the lower side of the face.

  3. Make sure with both hands that the mask is properly positioned.

It is recommended to use the protective mask up to 20 times in cycles of up to 8 hours. After each cycle, wash at 40 ° C and iron at 90 -100 ° C, to return to its original shape. It is used exclusively in situations where life is not endangered due to the level of pollution, ie its use is in accordance with the health and safety regulations in force.

Caution: the user must be provided with adequate and detailed information on the application, use and wearing of the mask. The use of masks is not permitted in environments with impurities that cannot be filtered or lack oxygen. In the interest of achieving maximum protection, the protective mask must fit the user’s face properly.

Remove and replace the mask immediately if it is damaged!

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