Antimicrobial protection face mask with 2 layer, washable


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We inform you that we have been producing garments since 1996, so our company also produces protective masks. The basic material from which they are made is a fabric also produced by our company, made of polyamide thread. The mask made and treated antimicrobial, according to a patent registered at the State Office for Trademarks and Inventions Romania, ensures the hygiene of the protective mask and does not allow the development of coliform bacteria, microbes such as Staphylococcus aureus, germs, fungi or odours mites.
We mention that this mask works as a barrier, stopping the transmission of microbes and kills them, protecting its user. Silver ions penetrate deeply into the texture of the product and its antimicrobial properties will be preserved for as long as possible, resisting up to 20 washes, according to Sanitized AG-Switzerland Certificate, as well as analysis bulletin no. 2020-0494-02, issued by Sanitized AG-Switzerland. Also, the antimicrobial protection mask is certified by Laborex 2000 Bucharest, which issued the analysis bulletins no. 197104 / 03.04.2020 and 197105 / 03.04.2020. We specify that the fabric from which the mask is made also has antiviral properties, based on the tests made by Sanitized AG (Sanitized press release dated 16.04.2020).


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